Teller Park Veterinary Service Reviews!

Emily AndrewsEmily Andrews

We had a great first visit at Teller Park Vet! We have a very nervous pup who can lash out when he feels threatened, and so going to a new vet caused us some anxiety. But they were so kind and patient with him, and we were so happy to find a place where he felt safe! And our cat just loved all the attention. We were so relieved to find such a great new vet home here in Teller County.


Best genuine attention our cat has ever received! The staff is awesome and friendly and Dr. Lemmon's helped us so much with every aspect of care our cat was going to be receiving during his hospital stay. Everyone made time for us, we were never rushed in and out... a very compassionate and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend!

Lorrie PowersLorrie Powers

Everyone is super friendly and professional. We had Dr. Nicole Brooks with Kylie assisting. Kylie's excellent with cats. They loved her. The environment is animal stainless steel exam table. Vet and tech get down on floor in exam room and handle pets in non-threatening ways that don't create tension and fear. Absolutely fantastic experience all around! There was even a welcome message with artwork on the greeting board for our 2 cats on their first visit. I highly recommend them!

Kimberly SimonKimberly Simon

We had an emergency with one of our dogs while camping. The Teller Park Vet Service took fabulous care of us and our pup. They were efficient, kind, caring, and reasonably priced! I felt comfortable about being there from the moment I walked in the door. They put me at ease and took excellent care of my dog's injured paw.

Cindy FostCindy Fost

Best vet Shannon Lemmons. My dog was gut shot & her knee cap shot off too. Fixed her good as new!!!

Christine H.Christine H.

I've only been twice, but both times they have been on time with the scheduled appointment. It was easy to find an appointment time to work with my...

Pampa NettNett H.Pampa NettNett H.

Love, Love, Love Dr. Shannon Lemons!!
More importantly, so did all three of our dogs! Our previous vet was first come first serve, hours long waits, and...