Summertree Animal & Bird Clinic Reviews!

Savannah OwenSavannah Owen

Summer tree is an absolutely wonderful clinic with a compassionate, caring staff that really does a great job as far as explaining the process as well as the treatment. I worked at petsmart and they have seen over 200 of our small animals and reptiles. They always take great care of the little guys while they are there and they would even call us to ask hour the pets they had seen were doing. I've never had a single issue with them. Recommend 10/10

I have a reply for the lady whose chameleon had metabolic bone disease . That comes from long term improper care for your chameleon. Improper lighting and not gut loading or giving the additional supplements to your pet. Always do research before buying and exotic animal......

Damon WashingtonDamon Washington

They will explain everything thing to you. Any questions or concerns, they are their to help. A great place to take your pet. Very knowledgeable about everything

N ClarkN Clark

Most nice place to take your pockets pets too. Easy to get too and always on time. Very helpful people. My baby just loves them.

Katherin OrtizKatherin Ortiz

Amazing Doctors and staff!! my iguana was at ease while they took care of her. i would definitely recommend taking your pets in for a visit

Deborah D.Deborah D.

Guinea Pig owners look no further!!! What a wonderful first experience! Dr. Murray and her technician Kathleen were wonderful with our daughter's 3 1/2...

Sallio H.Sallio H.

Our experience with this clinic, from the vet to the technician to the front desk staff, was nothing short of compliments. Even though our beloved parakeet...

Mercedes L.Mercedes L.

My bunny was sneezing a lot and it was hard to find a vet that specialized in rabbits. Then I found Dr. Brazelton! She was so knowledgeable and good with...