Maple City Animal Hospital Reviews!

Anita M. WayAnita M. Way

So sorry I can't rate this loving family of caregivers what they truly deserve!

My husband and I are really attached to our two girls (Cats) since they were here to comfort our son, Brian, after his auto accident. Through the surgeries and healing until he passed away. Our friends told us they suggested the Maple City Animal Hospital and D. Janet Weiss was always there for help.

How can you say, "Thank you!" to this wonderful group of loving, caring family? Using her best skills and intuition, we have our energetic and loving Destiny healing from her ordeal. We can't be more grateful to Dr. Weiss and the other loving caregivers for all of their efforts. You were put just where you are for a very good reason.
All our love,
Jerry & Anita Way

Kristina PicassoKristina Picasso

Great customer service courteousness very knowledgeable explains things in layman's terms very understanding and flexible with payment options

Shestin NelsonShestin Nelson

Even worked out a payment plan with me . And my Copper is home any happy

Tracy CombsTracy Combs

Dr. Weiss is a compassionate person. I have to say that her rates are reasonable. My dog had surgery and she charged less than half of what I paid for the same surgery 10 years ago (different dog). The don't look down on you for not being a perfect pet owner either. I like taking my pets here because I know there are no hidden agendas.

Jessica GipsonJessica Gipson

I have to say going here was the best decision I made great staff and doctor. If it wasn't for the staff and doctor here I probably would have lost my fur baby due to labor complications, the doctor here is very attentive to her clients she even took my fur baby home to keep a close eye on her. Really want to say thank you for the help and keeping my baby and her baby s safe.

Mary P.Mary P.

I have been going to Maple City Animal Hospital for 10 years. I would recommend them highly. They are all concerned, empathetic, professional and caring...