Claws N Paws Animal Hospital Reviews!

Devin MackDevin Mack

I think they love my pets as much as I do. And that makes them the perfect vet for our family. The staff is friendly. Has candy out for my kids which they love, and is always welcoming.

Angela NeutzlingAngela Neutzling

We love this hospital,stuffs member and the doctor working very good we pets.

Katherine ReevesKatherine Reeves

I was not happy with my current vet so took my puppy here. Wow the staff was so friendly, facility was spotless, the doctor was extremely thorough, and the needed meds were dispensed with clear instructions.

Tanya DarlingTanya Darling

Claws n Paws has provided stellar care for my two dogs. I highly recommend Dr. Singh and the entire staff.

Kim WoodsKim Woods

My dog Flo Rida has been coming here for 4 1/2 years, she receives the best treatment.
Not only that they always check on her and the vet has also called several times..
I love them!!!!

Heather C.Heather C.

Most vets will push medicine to make money. This vet did not which i appreciate! He's a very knowledgeable vet and when my kitten came in he was sweet to...