Cambridge Veterinary Care Reviews!

Stephen MurdockStephen Murdock

I've been going to Dr. Weiner for over a year now and he has been nothing short of awesome! An example of this was when our dog became very ill shortly after we adopted him. Rather than simply tell us to take him to the hospital for an overnight stay like another vet did, Dr. Weiner was able diagnosis him, administer an IV, and set up personal check-in calls every two hours so he could monitor our dog's condition. He definitely saved us both time and a very expensive hospital stay.

As some reviews mentioned he can be direct and to the point, which I can understand. But who cares? I came here looking for the best vet for my dog and that's exactly what I ended up with.

Alejandro YuAlejandro Yu

Dr. Weiner is unmatched, 1,000% focused on the animal's well being. This guy saved my dog's life. Even accepted the dog during an overnight emergency. People have been complaining about how "to the point" the Dr is: stop being so sensitive. Do you want the best doctor for your pet or a best friend for you? - think about what is important here...

Sally N.Sally N.

I brought my "large" 6 year old dog to the vet clinic because I could walk him there. I was worried about cancer. I have been treated with nothing but...