Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital Reviews!

Blake HorneBlake Horne

I took my cat into black hawk veterinarian who at the time had a fatal injury and didn't make it though her surgery. They were super kind and supportive of the loss of my beloved cat. Eventually a week after her passing I received a condolence card in the mail from them and it meant a lot to me how much they cared because they saw what I was going through.
I highly recommend this veterinary hospital to anybody who has a furry friend in need of medical care. They have been a trusted vet's office my family went to for years.

Eileen SimpsonEileen Simpson

Here you go let me tell you these folks are the best vet I've ever taken my pets to. Sincere honest kind considerate caring people you'd ever want to meet. They saved my cats leg that's enough said but it doesn't stop there the list goes on and on. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you once again Bkackhawk.

Laura WillisLaura Willis

I have been taking my two dogs here since 2014. Always professional and caring staff, my dogs are excited to go see the vets, assistants, and office staff. I now live in Spokane and make the drive out to Cheney for the treatment we receive. I'm always able to get an appointment on the day that I need it, and they are more reasonably priced on their vaccinations than most vets in Spokane.

Sierra MurpheySierra Murphey

I had to put my dog down here recently and they were all so sweet, gave me as much time as I needed and even sent a super thoughtful card afterwards!! Highly recommend

Adrianna HernandezAdrianna Hernandez

They are amazing with my three cats! I love this place and recommended this place to everyone